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I-9 Verification and E-Verify Software Solutions

BetaBulls Technology Helps HR and Compliance Vendors

Ensure all of your people and processes are 100% compliant with BetaBulls™’s technology. Our automated I-9 and E-Verify integrations allow software verification providers ease of use, software optimizing, and updating from legacy platforms while increasing the value offered to corporate clients (employers). We help you simplify the complex processes that the exist with onboarding processes. For team members and managers — with step-by-step instructions, e-Signatures, task reminders and automatic deadline alerts. 

Our technology powers some of the most reliable service brands in our industry. When you hire BetaBulls for your I-9 and E-Verify Automation Software you are hiring a U.S. based team with years and many industry's experience behind them. 

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Why You Need Us?

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Errors on I-9 forms can cost companies thousands in fines, penalties and can cost you valuable clients. Unfortunately many compliance software solutions are built on what is becoming legacy software causing Quality Control issues and automation errors as DHS releases new standards and regulations. Eliminate expensive mistakes with our software development and optimization services. We have the capabilities to become your Engineering team on record working by your side to improve your technologies and continue to impress your clients while allowing you secure more large enterprise employers.  We are expertly trained on i9 compliance and E-Verify regulations for your added peace of mind.  Let's get talk about how we can help you. 

employee rights betabulls software automation solutions

I-9 form questions flow directing into USCIS’s verification workflows, so candidates complete the entire employment verification process in minutes digitally eliminating data entry and transcribing. 

Without ever having to leave your system.

Each employee’s I-9 verification status shows

up in his or her profile, so managers can instantly see

who has the go-ahead and who’s under review. Plus,

full E-Verify integration with our I-9 technologies allows

you to become more efficient using our optimized system. Add more value to your compliance verification software while automating the employment eligibility process, and free up time for other priorities. 

How It Works?

BetaBulls Technologies power the  industries top compliance SaaS solutions.

Lookout i9 Compliance Solutions is one of the industry leaders that trust BetaBulls to improve their Technology. 

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